GCP Big Query: Powerful Data Analytics For Mass Storage And Analysis

Today, we are surrounded by data, every business requires us to make decisions to survive and grow, and when these decisions are backed by data analysis, then the chance of success increases. When it comes to data, the more specific and large the amount of data available, the more accurate the results will be. Google is the most popular search engine and offers multiple services to its clients and one such service is Google BigQuery. 

Google BigQuery is a quality service provided by Google to provide analytics results of mass data storage. It is beneficial for businesses that require analysis of a large amount of data. It is a meticulously managed, cloud-technology-driven data warehouse service that analyses large data and solves queries based on them. 

BigQuery was introduced by Google and built with its top infrastructure such as a worldwide network of data centres, strong computing resources, and large storage systems. These specifications of Google’s infrastructure allow BigQuery to solve large calculations of petabyte-scale data and maintain high performance throughout the analysis.

The sole of BigQuery’s architecture is Capacitor (a columnar storage engine), which uses a columnar format to store and process data, resulting in fast scan and selecting specific data in columns, instead of processing the entire data set. The engine of GCP BigQuery is called Dremel, it is a query execution and in-memory cache mechanism. Users can compute multiple nodes and queries simultaneously in GCP BigQuery because of this powerful engine.

Google is the best search engine when it comes to multiple things and dominates the online search market. It is a powerhouse of data that offers multiple services. The company integrates the multiple services of its cloud platform (Google Cloud Platform) with BigQuery to increase its usefulness. 

While there are many benefits of using GCP Big Query, the primary one that attracts most people is its large scale and flexibility as per the client’s requirements. It is a powerful tool and can be used for both large and small research. Due to its flexibility, one will pay for the extent of resources they have used for their research.

Components of Big Query

BigQuery is an important tool for data analysis of mass storage, it has multiple components, such as:


It is the engine of BigQuery that handles in-memory cache and query execution. The Dremel is an important part of the system as it helps in the query execution. The engine lets run queries and multiple compute nodes at the same time which results in a quick query response and fast results. 

Google Cloud Storage

The merger of BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage is important for providing a platform to manage large storage requirements. Users can use the cloud storage service of Google to load the data and use it to run queries on BigQuery.


The capacitor completes one of the primary features of BigQuery, it is a columnar storage engine responsible for storing and processing data. The data in BigQuery is stored in a columnar format to enable quick scan and convenient filtering of the data. For large data, the engine is efficient in compression and uses encoding techniques to optimise its size.

Cloud Functions

Cloud functions work as a responsive serverless computing platform that runs codes in response to events. Users can use it to transform data and trigger actions based on data events.

How To Run A Query in BigQuery

Run A Query

A user would be required to use BigQuery API to run a query on BigQuery and make a request in HTTP format in jobs.query endpoint. 

Load Data

After raising a query, you would also need to load data into BigQuery, again you would need to use BigQuery API and raise an HTTP request, but this time, to tabledata.insertALL endpoint. 


GCP BigQuery is a powerful tool of data analysis and mass storage analysis, one needs to use it wisely to get the desired results. Google is one of the most trusted names when it comes to data security and search engines. If a service is being provided by Google, it means a large number of people will trust it, irrespective of anything. Google Cloud Service is a popular one and we use it in our daily lives in the form of multiple things like Google Drive, Gmail, and more. The combination of BigQuery and Google Cloud is beneficial for users and they can upload a large amount of data and run BigQuery for its analyis. In this post, we shared basic details about BigQuery, there are tutorials given on the official website, you can check them before using the BigQuery service.

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