Testergigs Com – Is It Scam or Legit (All You Need to Know)

If you are also wondering whether testergigs.com is legit or not, then this post is for you. Many people want to know about the website and its authenticity. 

Are you interested in earning easy money? Do you want to test Amazon products and earn money from it? 

Online shopping is not a new thing, it is increasing worldwide and people across different cultures love ordering from online stores. A platform, testergigs.com provides testing opportunities to its users and lets them earn easy money. In this article, we will learn the truth behind this statement and learn about the legitimacy of the website.

Details Related To Testergigs.com

  • Website launch date – November 07, 2022
  • The next renewal should happen on November 7, 2023
  • The company’s trust score is low
  • The website domain is not working
  • The founder’s information was correct, but the website is not operating as of writing, for the future, you can visit the website to check its operating status.

What People Say About This Website

The average rating of the website is extremely poor, it looks like the users were not satisfied with the website because of its services and response to its users. Also, many people mentioned that they didn’t get what they expected and the company is not suitable to provide legal services.

In addition, the tasks look impossible to complete as a user would be required to complete at least 25 deals to earn a maximum of 1000 USD. However, many found it a good deal because of the earning opportunity from home.

Mostly, users will receive a reward in the form of an Amazon voucher, but its legitimacy is a big question.

Operations Of Testergigs.com

The company helps people buy online stuff from e-commerce platforms. A person intending to use the website first needs to register on their website and will receive a reward post-completion of the subscription process. It gives you the option to purchase products from different online stores.

How To Access The Testergigs.Com Website

Follow these steps to land on the official page of testergigs.com:

  • Turn on your device and open any internet browser
  • Open the website testergigs.com on the web browser
  • If the website is operating, three questions will appear on your screen to answer.
  • Answer them correctly and enter the details asked by the portal for registration.

Process Of Reward Earning 

It is a simple process, one needs to follow these steps:

  • Registration is a must, one needs to register on the portal submitting all asked details.
  • Now check the product and select it as per your preference.
  • Carefully select a marketing plan and complete the process for the promised reward.

Advantages Of Testergigs.com

  • Easy earning option from working from home,
  • Receive the maximum gift card of 1000 USD
  • Exciting deals are available for the users.

Red Flags Of Testergigs.com

  • As of writing, the website is not operational and the domain is available for sale as mentioned on the blank page.
  • The reviews are extremely poor and the website does not meet many online criteria of a legit website.
  • They didn’t feature any reviews and the website is performing well in terms of getting online traffic.

Is Testergigs.com Available On The Instagram

No, the website doesn’t have any official account on any social media platform as of now, desired people can check their website for more information if the website works.


The online world is filled with online opportunities and many are not legit amongst them. For example, testergigs.com. The website claims to provide online earnings but is a scam and nothing else. Share this post about testergigs.com to spread awareness about the website.

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