Getrefunds.Com Review – Is It Scam or Legit (All You Need to Know)

Are you curious about and want to know about its legitimacy? Do you want to use’s services to claim a tax refund? If yes, stay on this page and read this post carefully to know the truth about

Who doesn’t want a tax refund? It is our hard-earned money, and many people want to avoid paying it. There are portals like that claim to assist taxpayers in getting tax refunds. Many people also receive calls and emails from to invite them to use their services.

We live in the world of the internet and have seen multiple online frauds in which people have lost their lifelong earnings. There are multiple types of online fraud and one such fraud was the Bitcoin Bonus Scam that assured people of tax savings, offered cashback, and lured them with discount schemes. is doing similar work to the Bitcoin Bonus Scam. It is the result of powerful marketing that people still believe in such claims and fall for their prey.

So, read this post to know more about in detail and protect yourself and others from this scam.

What Is

Before directly coming to a judgment, it would be better to understand things with a neutral approach. So, let’s begin with understanding what is and explaining its claims.

It is an online website/platform that assures people helping in the settlement of their dues by preparing tax documents and getting their tax refunds. The company is targeting a wide range of businesses related to different sectors. They claim businesses help in receiving payroll tax refunds that can boost business growth and reduce the cost.

The process is shown as a legal option for the taxpayers and they need to follow a small process given on their website to receive payroll tax refunds. The process starts with the account creation, document submission to support their claim, and post-reviewing of the documents by the US treasury department, waiting for the refund.

On first look, the website seems legit and the process feels amazing, but wait, there is more information to unfold.

Site Specifications Of

The website is the online mirror of the company’s policies and how they function. A careful observation of the website can reveal multiple facts about a company. So, here are the details of

  • Website Registration Date – 26 September 2020
  • Website Registered On:, LLC
  • Contact Details: Available on their portal 
  • HTTPS: Yes, secured for data sharing
  • Trust Score: 40%, may change in future

The website has some legit information mentioned on their website like privacy policy, contact us details, and more. However, the important details like the document required for payroll tax refunds and its process are missing.

Is Legit?

The government announced the facility of tax refunds for the taxpayers waiting for their tax settlement. This information works as an opportunity for some people to steal other’s money in the name of a tax refund and also collect precious business information that can be used for other purposes. However, many legit businesses help taxpayers save their hard-earned money and follow the complete legit process but one needs to be cautious when sharing business and tax-filing details with anyone. 

When it comes to, the business charges an expensive amount in the name of filing federal tax refunds for them and also collects business information. Some people who became their prey disclosed that they ask taxpayers to first pay the difference amount to them to start the tax return process and then ask to wait until the tax refund automatically gets credited into their accounts.

People believe their talk and wait for the refund and get to know about the scam when checking bank accounts.

Now, you must have understood about the scam and should not become prey to them or any other similar scam.

Points That Suggest Is A Scam

Online fraud is increasing and the introduction of AI made it more difficult for common people to understand whether a process is legit or not. In this section, we are sharing some important points that help users identify scams like

Excessive Marketing

A fraud that targets the public, in general, can’t survive for an extensive period because sooner or later, people will realise its truth and will not fall for the same trick. So, to gain maximum benefit and loot as much money as possible, these fraudulent companies start excessive marketing to reach more people at the same time and show them fake reviews and documents proving their point.

Exaggerating The Issue

Fraudulent websites or people often exaggerate an issue to create a fear atmosphere so that you can easily trust them and become their prey. They will highlight the small problems and make them big by using unnecessary terms. 

Create The Fictitious Emergency

Scams like or any other primarily happen because the fraudster creates a false emergency and asks you to act immediately. When we think wisely and act after consulting with others, we often make the right decision, but the decision is made based on half the information and urgently, mostly, comes out a bad one. The fraud company will call you and ask you to take immediate action on the call to avoid any loss or to take advantage of the offer, and we end up becoming their victim.

Safety Measures To Protect Yourself From Scam 

After careful observation, you will notice that tax-settling businesses often violate the federal laws of tax refunds. Normal organisations must stay away from such claims. We are mentioning some safety measures to protect you and your organisation from such scammers.

  • Don’t pick up calls from suspicious numbers and block them to protect your data.
  • Protect your personal and professional information, and avoid sharing them over social media platforms.
  • If you feel pressured by anyone to take immediate action without using critical thinking, take time and think wisely before acting.
  • Avoid visiting unknown websites and sharing any information with them.
  • Don’t click on unknown links

In today’s world, cybercrime is a new normal thing, every day we hear and sometimes face these crimes, and it is always better to take precautions to protect ourselves from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit? is a fraudulent website that promotes unethical practices and loots people’s money in the name of payroll refunds.


We hate paying taxes, sometimes it takes a significant part of our hard-earned money. Many people try to minimise their tax liability or try to get a refund. Websites like seek vulnerable people and make them their prey. We hope you will stay away from such websites and protect yourself from being scammed.

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