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We are living in an era where digital identity has become an important thing for us. Often you can observe comparing people to their social media followers and feeling proud of the higher follower count. A large follower count is considered as good as it gives many opportunities to the social media handle owner. When we talk about social media, the prominent name that comes to our mind is Instagram.

The platform is comparatively new compared to other social media giants like Facebook and YouTube, but the growth it showed is tremendous. It has significantly affected the users of other platforms like Facebook and Twitter and brought them to Instagram.

There are many factors why people prefer Instagram over other social media platforms and why its social media followers count is important for users.

In this post, we will talk about a platform, www.technicaldhiraj.com, which claims to help people grow real Instagram followers. So, let’s start this useful post for Instagram users.

Why Is Instagram The Favorite Social Media Platform Of Most Social Media Users?

Instagram is a popular social media platform with millions of active users and growing rapidly every year. The popular social media platform has become the absolute favourite of many users due to its catchy features, attractive algorithm, and addictive system. Well! Indeed, all things are not white for social media platforms and many are grey, they use dopamine theory and other psychological tricks to engage the customer for maximum time on their platform and make them addicted to their platform. It is wrong but the bitter reality is worse than it. However, our main topic is not related to it. Let’s move forward and know the perks of a higher Instagram follower count.

The Primary Benefit Of Increased Instagram Follower Count

Instagram has a whopping user count, it attracts a lot of people and is a lucrative platform for brands to come and start marketing campaigns on the platform. Well! We all are aware of the benefits of an increased follower count like more likes on the post, a higher react count on the story, and overall better Instagram engagement. However, the primary and monetary benefit is that you can use a higher number of Instagram follower accounts as a money-making machine.

There are two primary sources of monetary benefits for an Instagram Handle:

  1. Marketing

The first source is the use of Instagram accounts to market other brands and products in return for money or barter agreements. If you have a significant follower count on your Instagram handle, you can easily earn money by promoting other brand’s products.

  1. Advertisement Revenue

Just like YouTube, Instagram has started paying its creators a part of its advertisement revenue which it earns because of the content made by them. If you make good content and people watch it in large numbers, you can apply for content monetisation, if your account meets all guidelines, then you can earn money by monetising your Instagram account’s content.

What Is www.Technicaldhirajk.com?

Who would not want to have them after knowing the real benefit of higher Instagram followers? We all do, right? But the concern is that to legitimately create a strong social media presence requires hard work and creative thinking to produce good and viral content. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but to attract non-technical people, platforms like www.Technicaldhirajk.com claim to provide free real Instagram followers. When you visit their website, you will find multiple articles related to increasing Instagram followers and post likes, these articles first talk about the legit ways and share tips to increase them authentically.

However, after scrolling down and completing the reading of the article, sometimes you will find a link redirecting to a third-party website, where you will be asked for your Instagram account details to increase your follower count. After submitting the details, most probably, your follower count will be increased.

Is www.Technicaldhirajk.com’s Claim Authentic?

No, the claim of providing real Instagram followers is not right, they will provide bot accounts. These accounts are just created to increase the fake count of a trend, likes, and followers. Social media platforms like Instagram take strict actions against the handles that increase their follower count using bots. It can lead to account suspension or permanent account deletion.


Social media has become an integral part of our lives, we are becoming more involved in it than the real world. In such a scenario, the significance of Instragam followers can’t be denied. Many platforms take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities and promote false tactics. We hope this post will help you to make the right decision about www.Technicaldhirajk.com’s real Instagram account to increase follower claims. If you like this post and find it useful, share it with others to spread awareness about www.Technicaldhirajk.com.

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