7 Common Plumbing Issues to Fix Immediately

Plumbing issues are an unavoidable part of the life of homeowners. Some problems come with time, such as aging fixtures, or some occur frequently, like normal wear and tear on plumbing equipment. Well, no matter how careful you are, plumbing emergencies can happen suddenly without any expectation.

No matter what proactive measures you take, plumbing emergencies can happen anytime. You must fix burst pipes and leaky faucets urgently to avoid further damage.  You must plan proper system maintenance to have a life free of plumbing problems. Homeowners need to understand common plumbing issues. So they can easily identify and fix it immediately. The following are the top 7 common plumbing issues you must fix instantly. 

Frozen or Brust Pipes 

A burst pipe may lead to significant water damage. Thus, it is essential to identify the issues before they turn into a disaster. Verify and fix all the leaky pipes. Otherwise, it may burst in later days and can flood your home, cause property damage, and more. When you identify the burst pipe, turn off your main water valve and avoid further damage.  

Even frozen pipes can cause issues that will expand or crack if water freezes during winter. When the weather is cold, the water gets frozen into the pipe, and it expands and cracks as there’s no way for the water to go. Thus, to avoid the risk of frozen or burst pipes, insulate your pipes and turn off the main water valve when you aren’t available for a long time. 

Overflowing Toilets 

An overflowing toilet is quite disturbing. Any clog in the drawing line or obstruction in the plumbing system can cause an overflowing toilet. Thus, to avoid any spillover, it’s essential to fix it immediately. You can simply turn off the water valve, which is mainly located at the back of the toilet. Also, check if you can clear the obstruction by flushing multiple times or using the plunger.

If not, a drain snake will be your last DIY option; otherwise, if it doesn’t work, you must contact certified plumbing services in Noida.  These experts can easily handle all the complex plumbing issues and use quality materials for repair. Even they ensure the delivery of quality results that last and prevent a future overflow.  

Leaky Faucets, Showerhead and Pipes 

Leaky faucets, showerheads, and pipes are considered minor issues. However, over time, they may lead to a significant waste of water. Sometimes, even small drips can also be dangerous and lead to mold growth, water damage, and structural issues.

As per the statistics, a leaky faucet or showerhead can potentially waste around 5 to 20 gallons of water daily.  If you have tried all standard DIY but it doesn’t work, you must contact professional experts who will inspect your pipes and determine more permanent solutions.  

Clogged Drain 

The most common plumbing issue is the clogged drain. It was caused due to varied things such as:

  • A buildup of soap,  food, grease, or any other debris
  • Unfamiliar objects that flushed down the sink 
  • Tree roots that grow through the pipes.  

 All these kinds of clogs may lead to slow-moving drains. Thus, needs professional help to make it. Professional plumbers use special tools such as hydro jetting or durian snake to aid in removing the clog. 

Gas Leak 

Gas leaks are considered to be the most serious plumbing emergency.  It has a different, distinct, sulfur-like odor and may lead to headache,  dizziness, and other symptoms. Propane and natural gas are flammable. Hence, it’s essential to turn off the gas supply and leave the building vacant if gas leaks. Never try to DIY and solve the issues on your own; always contact the plumber experts to handle the situation. 

Sewer Backup

A sewer backup is a severe plumbing issue that you must consider as soon as possible. Tree roots, debris, broken pipes, etc., may block your pipes.

All these reasons slow down drains, causing sewage to back up from the cleanout pipes and producing nasty smells in the home. Well, various DIY techniques aid in unclogging the pipe, and all homeowners must learn to handle minor issues on their own. 

Water Heat Issues 

Water heaters are considered an essential part of the home. Homeowners mainly rely on them for hot water for washing dishes, laundry, bathing, and other activities. Water heaters encompass varied issues such as strange noises, leaks, inadequate hot water, etc.

Suppose you are facing insufficient hot water; first, sneak on the temperature setting and adjust it if necessary. Also, the buildup of debris in the tank affects its efficiency. Thus, flush the tank multiple times to eliminate the sediments. 

Plumbing Emergency Tips for DIYs 

 There are varied plumbing emergency tips for homeowners who perform DIY.  The following are the DIY tips that keep yourself ready for unexpected situations: 

  • Check for the main water shut-off valve and remember its location so you can shut it off in the case of a leak. 
  • If water is flowing at a specific location, then shut off valves present at each fixture. 
  • Turn off the water heater if it malfunctions. 
  • To unclog the small drains, you can use a cup plunger. 
  • Also, a bucket or thick cloth should be placed under the leak to control the damage. 

Final Words

Plumbing issues may turn your peaceful life into a chaotic mess if overlooked. Brust pipes, leaky faucets, and other plumbing issues waste a lot of water.  All the plumbing issues mentioned above require immediate attention before seriously damaging your property. Brust or frozen pipes need to be insulated to eliminate the risk; an obstruction in plumbing mainly causes overflowing toilets, so a plunger or drain snake is used to clear the clog.

Leaky showerheads,  faucets, and pipes seem to be the most common issues, but they waste a lot of water thus it pivotal to make it fix. Proactive maintenance and swift action are essential to combating these issues.

DIY efforts can handle all the minor issues and temporarily bring the situation under control. For comprehensive solutions, hiring plumbing experts for at-home servicing is essential to delivering lasting quality results. 

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